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    Hello and thanks for dropping by! My name is Graeme Crawford - my camera and I have been the best of buddies for over 15 years. I shoot Canon, have developed a big preference for prime lenses (happy to zoom with my feet!) I'm not averse to getting creative using my phone either - it's the photographer who makes the photo not the camera after all! :)

    I love capturing special times, emotions and people and have spent 8 greatly enjoyable years as a wedding photographer, I have decided to take a break from this to focus my creative energy on some personal projects - I am not accepting any new bookings.

    I am in the early throes of writing my first photography book - a focus on the growing impact of the selfie on modern attitudes to beauty and self-image. If you're interested in contributing or even being featured then please get in touch!

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Things I Like About The United States of America

In the spirit of defeating homesickness, I am writing this list of things that I am enjoying about the USA.

  • Meat. Obviously higher average quality – lower tolerance and market for cheap ‘efficiently produced’ meat.
  • Beer. Huge craft scene, huge selection, big focus on local products, bargain prices.
  • Driving. Busier roads, but less rage and more courtesy. Lots of ‘M6 toll’ equivalents everywhere where you can skip the queues for a time-dependent price. Smart stuff.
  • Petrol. Gosh, it is barely significant enough to make the list of monthly outgoings.
  • Some bars give you a drink of water with every alcoholic drink. Nice.
  • Air conditioning. Everywhere. Bliss.
  • Internal travel. Airports like bus stations. Slick and efficient.
  • Talking to strangers. It’s OK! They don’t think you are strange! They are often polite and interesting!
  • Litter. None. This is true a lot of places I’ve been. Except Britain

Prince Harry visits Nottingham

I was lucky enough to have an unforgettable photography experience yesterday, as I took photos for the fantastic charity Epic Partners during one of HRH Prince Harry’s regular visits to Nottingham to see their work which he helps to support through The Royal Foundation.

The day started late afternoon at Huntingdon Academy Primary School in St.Anns. This is a disadvantaged area of Nottingham and such is a key focus for the work of the charity which provides after-school clubs for the children to focus their minds on fun, positive tasks to keep them busy and teach them some valuable and useful skills in the process. After a meeting with some head teachers from the school and it’s partner schools, Prince Harry visited 3 different after-school activities on offer. First, a gardening clubs featuring a visit to a fantastic greenhouse made entirely from old 2 litre plastic bottles. Next up was a bicycle maintenance and repair class, with the children learning how to repair and replace tyres and wheels, followed by a quick chat at the end of a game of football.

Prince Harry and his team then moved inside for another meeting with the board of the school before moving in to meet the cast and crew of Guillemot – a short film which has been entirely created by the young people of St Anns with support from the fantastic Full Effect which aims to identify and support children and young people from becoming involved in youth violence and crime through a combination of early intervention, mentorship, and training.

Focus then shifted to Cineworld in Nottingham City Centre, where the world premiere of Guillemot was to take place. After hearing some fantastic local talent perform which had emerged and been nurtured at Full Effect everyone settled down to watch the film, which was a hard-hitting story dealing with issues that many of the young people of St Anns unfortunately have to cope with as everyday parts of their existence. Before the film, the audience had heard from Dominic West (who played cult anti-hero Jimmy McNulty in HBO’s hit series The Wire) about how impressed he was with the high standard of acting he had seen from the cast, including some who were trying it for the first time. High expectations had been set, but the crowd weren’t disappointed in the slightest as we followed the bittersweet story of young romance between the excellent lead characters portrayed so well by Tylar Slaney and Micaiah Jackson. After taking part in a quickfire and entertaining Q&A with the cast, Prince Harry made his way out, graciously stopping to pose for photos and chat to the crowd on the way out.


Massive thanks to Helen Davis from Epic for the opportunity to photograph for the charity, and to our mutual friend Cathy Mansell for the introduction that made it possible. It was a real honour so see Prince Harry in action – a gracious, patient and entertaining young man – but the past, present and continued efforts of all the volunteers, mentors (in particular the inspirational Trevor Rose) and charities are truly humbling to see up close, especially when you can see the real positive effect it is having on the lives of young people that could so easily have gone down different paths.

I heartily recommend taking some time out to watch the film these youngsters have produced, I’ve linked it below. Seeing the world of St Anns through the eyes of it’s residents can really shift perspectives and preconceptions, it certainly did mine.

Colwick Parkrun 23rd August

Normally a participant, I used the excuse of my heavy legs to go along to this fabulous event and take some photos for my fellow runners to enjoy. You can find out more about parkrun – a free weekly timed 5K at


So here we are – last of my summer weddings has been handed over, and my week long run in the Full Monty is over so I’m now totally clear of all editing and all singing commitments. Just me, my family, my friends and my job. Normal for most maybe but strange for me – a situation that I’ve not been in for as long as I can remember. Who knows what it will bring – I’m excited about bringing a larger portion of focus to those very important four things, but scared that I will have big swathes of boredom and lack of purpose. Let’s see what comes!

During show week I managed to squeeze in the first of my shoots where I was thinking about the potential photography book I am planning. I didn’t plan a shot like this, but this is what came out and I loved the result. The lines of the floor, the silhouette through the shirt, the questions about what is so interesting out of the window.

Avenue Q – Loughborough Town Hall