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  • Welcome to my website!

    Hello and thanks for dropping by! My name is Graeme Crawford - my camera and I have been the best of buddies for over 15 years. I shoot Canon, have developed a big preference for prime lenses (happy to zoom with my feet!) I'm not averse to getting creative using my phone either - it's the photographer who makes the photo not the camera after all! :)

    I love capturing special times, emotions and people and have spent 8 greatly enjoyable years as a wedding photographer, I have decided to take a break from this to focus my creative energy on some personal projects - I am not accepting any new bookings.

    I am in the early throes of writing my first photography book - a focus on the growing impact of the selfie on modern attitudes to beauty and self-image. If you're interested in contributing or even being featured then please get in touch!

    Please take a scroll down and check out my blog or use the category links above to look at my previous work. I would love to hear what you think - click here to visit my facebook page and let me know.

Colwick Parkrun 23rd August

Normally a participant, I used the excuse of my heavy legs to go along to this fabulous event and take some photos for my fellow runners to enjoy. You can find out more about parkrun – a free weekly timed 5K at


So here we are – last of my summer weddings has been handed over, and my week long run in the Full Monty is over so I’m now totally clear of all editing and all singing commitments. Just me, my family, my friends and my job. Normal for most maybe but strange for me – a situation that I’ve not been in for as long as I can remember. Who knows what it will bring – I’m excited about bringing a larger portion of focus to those very important four things, but scared that I will have big swathes of boredom and lack of purpose. Let’s see what comes!

During show week I managed to squeeze in the first of my shoots where I was thinking about the potential photography book I am planning. I didn’t plan a shot like this, but this is what came out and I loved the result. The lines of the floor, the silhouette through the shirt, the questions about what is so interesting out of the window.

Avenue Q – Loughborough Town Hall

Sarah and Doug’s Chatsworth House Wedding

Photo Day In London

Part two of my trip last week. In the spirit of getting out of my ‘river of thinking’ I tried to steer clear of my normal subject which I know and love – people – and spend a day photographing some architecture and buildings. Having collected some inspiration and tips online, I set off on foot around London for 3 hours. I covered a lot of ground, and think I did a reasonable job for an architecture newbie. See which buildings you can recognise, and let me know what you think!